215x58mm 40gsm Glassine Powder Proof Bags (open top un-gummed)


215x58mm Glassine bags (open top un-gummed). Also used for tiny mechanical parts or components. Double folded powder proof design. Manufactured in the UK. Please ask us for details of our certified products. Ideal for for replacing pointless plastic packaging of the same size although not waterproof but better for the environment as Glassine is biodegradable and recyclable. Used for incense sticks, cutlery, pipe cleaners, seeds, samples, photographs/negatives and much more. For shipping abroad please contact seller to be arranged.

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Glassine is a more eco-friendly packaging solution made from pure pine wood cellulose. Manufactured in the UK. Please ask us for details of our certified products. Replace your single use plastic today because Glassine is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. You can and should use this glassine product instead of plastic. Go on, give it a try!

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