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Quality Envelopes Manufactured by APL

With over 70 years’ combined experience, we design and manufacture a wide range of envelopes to cater for an even bigger range of uses. Using only the highest quality materials, the finest craftsmanship, and unrivalled attention to detail, we offer a wide selection of high quality, high performance envelopes to meet your requirements, however simple or specific.

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Bespoke Envelope Manufacturing

  • Gift Envelopes
  • Beautifully designed envelopes perfect for donations and gift aid
  • Easy Open
  • Ensure your letters and packages are as customer-friendly as possible with quick & easy open design.
  • Medical Envelopes
  • Translucent, anti-static, and chlorine and acid free, our Glassine Envelopes meet the unique needs of the medical sector.
  • Seed Storage Envelopes
  • Perfect for gardeners and commercial growers to safely store their seeds.
  • Glassine Envelopes
  • A safe, secure, and incredibly functional way to package everything from photos and negatives, to stamps, treats, seeds, electronics and banknotes.
  • Windows & Printing
  • Bespoke print and window options on our full range of envelopes.
  • Wage Envelopes
  • A safe, secure, and reliable storage solution for cash, coins, and payslips.
  • Self Seal or Gummed
  • All of our envelopes can be produced to feature self seal or gummed closing.
  • Small Wallets & Pockets
  • Ideal for use as gift aid envelopes or collection envelopes, or for storing small items.
  • Hot Melt Peal & Seal
  • One of the most secure ways to seal all envelopes for optimum performance, long shelf life and safety.
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